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LifePODS - Adult Day Services

Your parents bandaged your scraped knees and went to all of your softball games. Now they need your help.


After many years of a joyful marriage, your spouse develops an illness that requires a lot of extra attention.

Levindale Adult day ServicesAdult day care may be a wonderful solution to meet the needs of everyone in your changing family. It provides your loved one a day filled with stimulating activities, companionship, a hot meal and medical care. During that time you can run your errands, work, take care of other family members and have a minute to yourself.

In this LifePOD, Michelle Mills, director of Levindale Adult Day Services discusses the many benefits available. She also talks about other important information for anyone who may be considering adult day care as an option for a loved one.

What is the goal of Levindale's Adult Day Services?

How do seniors benefit from Levindale's Adult Day Services?

What kinds of services are offered, including individualized care plans?

What types of medical care are offered at Levindale's Adult Day Services?

Levindale has a unique program called the Eden Alternative. Please tell us what that's all about?

Why is adult day care important for family members?

Tell us about the transportation to and from Levindale's Adult Day Services?

What are most important things you want someone to know who is considering adult day care as an option for a loved one?

How can people get more information about Adult Day Services at the Levindale centers?


For further information on the Levindale's Adult Day Services, click here.